back into the dimension
5ft something with the skinny jeans.

sometimes i say dumb things. sometimes i blog them too.

i may be just an awkward little nerd with an internet addiction, but at heart, i'm a starkid defending the galaxy, to infinity and beyond...
mcfly, starkid, dan & phil, klaine, teen wolf and disney. a multifandom mess.
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Finally finished it :) Based off “The Blue Umbrella.”


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Had a Carvery lunch and then this yummy Aero Bubbles ice cream sundae. I’m stuffed now, Happy Good Friday!

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Me and my sibling can go from




in like three seconds 


on a scale from disney to dreamworks what’s your sibling relationship



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I’ve been in my room all morning talking to myself because I’ve completely forgotten it’s Good Friday and now I realise that hey everyone is actually home and not at work and I probably sounded like a crazy person

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We will teach you how to make boys next door out of assholes.

The Young Blood Chronicles
III of XI: 
Young Volcanoes

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Russell Crowe fangirling about Tom Fletcher’s videos. 

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Goddamnit I hoped this wouldn’t happen
What is happening why do I love Tate he is a murderous psychopath

My mind is like:
"But he is so adorable
But he killed people
But he’s so cute
But he’s done despicable things”

What the fuck I wanna punch something why are you doing this to me I’m so conflicted

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friendships that make u cry » dan and phil

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Vivian: “I must say since we hired you I feel-“

Security Officer: “Safer?”

Yep he’s gonna get killed.

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come with me


and you’ll be


in a woooorld of sexual frustration

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